Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Whimsical Alt Training

Kirith is my main character and as such I make very strict training plans and execute them with military efficiency to get him to his next ship, module, or ability.

With Derranna I tend to be more whimsical when training her. The "oh cool!" factor takes over and she ends up with lots of half trained areas that I might come back to some day. Over the years I always say to myself "ok, its time to get her basic ship flying skills improved" and then something like Black Ops invention or jump frieghters or probing or hacking or what-have-you comes along and I quickly forget about things like shields, armour, and other kind-of-handy modules.

To be quite honest, I never missed them. She moves stuff in high sec and in low sec if she's caught then more shields don't help anyways. But after two years and almost 32 million skill points, I figure its time I finally get her some stuff like tech II shield extenders and tech I micro warp drives.

Last night she finished Cybernetics V and plugged in her Mining Foreman implant to make her super mining foreman-lady and she's now in the last strokes finishing Warfare Link specialist and then a couple weeks for Siege Warfare V and Siege Warfare Link Specialist IV (for those shield boosting abilities). After that, she will embark on her winter training plan:

Navigation skills
Afterburner IV
High Speed Maneuvering I - IV
Acceleration Control I - IV
Fuel Conservation I - IV
Evasive Maneuvering IV - V (gets her access to Minmatar interceptors)

Shield Operation IV - V
Shield Upgrades III - IV
Tactical Shield Manipulation I - IV
Shield Management I - IV
Shield Compensation I - III

Power Management
Energy Management I - IV
Energy Systems Operation I - IV

Repair Systems II - IV
Hull Upgrades III - V ( for tech II Energized Adaptive Nano Membranes)

Capital Ship Construction II - III (finish this up for building Firblog Fighters)
Salvaging II - IV
Transport Ships III

Its 50 skill levels planned which seems like a lot, but many of them are rank 1 and 2 skills so the total time is only ~48 days, the longest of which is Evasive Maneuvuring V and Hull Upgrades V at just over 7 days each. At the end she will be able to use most Tech II propulsion, shield, armour, and repair modules and have a few more shield, armour, and energy points to work with.

* * * * *
Milestone reached: Kirith officially has more than 40 million skillpoints today, and 47 skills at level V out of 192 known skills. Most trained category is Spaceship Command at 8.1 million, least trained is Social at 272K.


  1. Nice plan man. Now just be sure to stick with it :)