Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wait A Minute...

Friday night I logged into the test server with the intention of looking once more for the wormhole exit of the w-space system I was in. The login screen faded to black, loaded, and resolved... into the interior of a station.

What the heck?

Turns out the last patch on Friday used a new database mirror from Tranquillity so my characters were back where they were in k-space. Not a big deal I guess, since Apocrypha is only two days away anyways. The time for mucking about on the test server is over... time for the real deal.

* * * * *
In other related news, Marlenus of Ironfleet Towing and Salvage took a Caracal cruiser to w-space and tangled with some more Sleeper spawns:

What I found was a gank Caracal, left over from my faction warfare days. 5 T2 heavy missile launchers high, a large shield extender and a medium shield booster middle, and ballistic control units (T2) low. Plus a warp disruptor and some signal boosters. Nothing fancy, nothing special, nothing ridiculously expensive.

Jumped in, went back to the wormhole, jumped through. Used my on-board scanner to find a few cosmic anomalies, did the cancel-warp trick to make their names pop up on the system map. Then warped to them, in succession, at 100km to have a look.

The easiest looking one was a “Frontier Camp” with six sleeper frigates and two sentry guns. I got to work.

It took him a while, but he succeeded in taking out all three spawns at the site with just a Caracal. Impressive, and another indication of solo content in w-space. Another piece of info from his post that I missed:
After finding the wormhole, I checked its description. It promised to take me to “unknown space”, as opposed to the more dangerous “dangerous unknown” or “deadly unknown” space that are the other two options. Cool! I bookmarked it and went to see what was in my hangar for cheap.
That's useful info, help prevent someone from jumping into the toughest w-space systems when they don't want to.

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  1. Yo yo I 'just' finished some WHS exploration!

    It was great, I did an anomaly and had a lot of fun.

    Solo of course, and could not get through it all due to time restrains.

    Since I am "EVE's Weekend Warrior", I am sure I could have finished that anomaly!