Friday, March 06, 2009

Tech 3 Production

I've gone on in detail about probing and Sleeper ratting in wormhole space for Apocrypha, but I haven't talked much about Tech 3 production even though I am perhaps one of the biggest blogging carebears in this here Eve Blog-o-sphere. (Big as in "I'm a big carebear", not "I'm a big blogger".)

There is a good reason for that.

I took one look at this picture and ran away screaming.

Gas clouds, datacores, reactions, salvage, Ancient Relics, Decyprtors, Interfaces, and BPCs that all can only be found in wormhole space exploration sites and on Sleeper wrecks. Not one of those things listed will come from anywhere in k-space.

On top of the material supply issues, you have need of a new reactor to process the gas clouds (which can only be anchored in low sec, natch) and a new laboratory to do the "reserve engineering" (i.e. Tech III invention by any other name...) on the Ancient Relics. So despite the mechanics being very similar to Tech II production (i.e. reactions on moon materials and invention of Tech II BPCs) it is a completely seperate manufacturing chain. Meaning a small timer like me has little to no hope participating unless my whole corp goes into the venture.

Yeah, I'm a little bitter. Not much, but a little. While I can appreciate the reasons for not wanting to put more stress on the tech II market supply and demand vectors, I'm disappointed that the process is so damned involved.

So what I plan to do is be a supplier of low end Sleeper parts and salvage for now until I can see how the market and production/supply chain shake out, and then insert my industrial programs in the chain where I can find profit, just like I did with Tech II.


  1. Call me a cynic but I think we'll find the real bottleneck will be the reactions. Should be fun.

  2. Jeez you also shattered some of my dreams of producing some T3!

    Well not you, but that picture.

    Think I'm just going to go kill rats, salvage, repeat. Wanna come?

  3. Anonymous4:02 am

    A bit over the top this, if you ask me. When you look at the graphic you wonder if anyone will ever bother ;).

  4. I've already spoken in the corp asking about how were going to be able to find the POS space to fit the new modules, and it seems that the decision has been made above my head that we arent going to have anything to do with Tech 3 manufacture, at least for a while until everything settles down. Bit of a shame, but putting up the new reactors would mean that we would need to set up another POS or else avoid what were doing with Tech 2, so I can see their point.

  5. @Morph
    Someone will, a few actually, this the very high prices in the beginning :P

    I predict the T3 cruisers to be 500 mil each in the begining.

  6. Since they look to be BC in disguise with the movement and sig radius of cruisers I suspect we'll see them starting at 1 bil then work their way down. I suspect the rare gas only available in the deadly pockets will be the limiting factor on T3 manufacture.