Monday, March 09, 2009

Back To War

Well, the short war against Mugen Industries ended only a few short weeks ago but they have not left the area. In fact, some friends of theirs appears to be moving in. Caeruleum Alliance has been seen dropping moon probes and moving ships into nearby high sec areas so we war dec'd them this past weekend to show them they are not welcome here. They also appear to be Japanese based so we exepct to see them working a lot with Mugen to frustrate activities in the Sukanan area.

This war does put a crimp in my wormhole exploration plans; I wouldn't feel right leaving my alliance for parts unknown during a war and there is no way to go out and jump clone back like you can with Providence 0.0 space. The good news is that wormhole space, once it arrives tomorrow, isn't going anywhere soon. No rush to get there first, the real trick is surviving once you do get there.

To facilitate my efforts in w-space, I had Derranna bring back her extra Cheetah and Prowler from Providence as I wasn't planning any operations out there in the near future. I almost made a boo-boo in the process as she was set to "high security space only" in the autopilot instead of shortest, so the route picked was straight through constantly camped HED-GP system. I didn't realize until I was warping to the out gate and noticed the next system was high sec instead of low sec.

Sure enough, I got pulled into an anchored bubble. Crapping my pants I turned around and looked for a warpable object. There wasn't a gate camp thank god, but a Taranis did warp in as I was aligning. Fortunately I got to warp before he got me. He followed me to the planet I picked in my hurry and almost landed on top of me when I foolishly picked warp to zero in my panic. My luck held out as the closest he came was 2900 meters and I warped to a safe spot with Covert Ops Cloak on.

Once things had cooled down, I warped to the gate on an angle to avoid the bubble, comfirmed it was clear from way out, and then spot-warped from 150 km out to make it into high sec.


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