Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small Cluster

There I was, checking on the sales of my Onyxes (3 down, 3 to go for the official count) when who should I see in an old Strife Mercenaries channel but the famous Grismar, author of Grismar's Eve Wiki which was one of my most visited sites when I was a neophyte pilot.

Turns out he is a friend of Cronyx Ravage who he knew from a corp they used to be members together in*. That corp? Fine Goods for Fine Gentlemen. Of course, Cronyx was the pilot that joined Strife and brought the attentions of FINEG upon us last year, upon which we imploded and scattered like a supernove heralds the end of life of a star.

Alas, we burned to bright too quickly, but that is ancient history.

Back in the present, I chatted with Grismar about the new wormholes that have seduced him back to the game and how they are the sources of Tech 3. I love the single shard architecture.

* = Grismar left FINEG well before the war and destruction of Strife Mercs, so I hold no grudges against him.

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