Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night I was online sorting ships, picking out those that would fit in the Orca for my wormhole expedition. There was some reds in the area but no fleet was organized to go after them yet and I was not really available to help out since I had no available voice comms at my location and I could be called away any second.

Suddenly a call goes up that a corp member is going to need help now. He had jumped into our system and two hostiles were on the gate there with him ready to engage. I jumped in my Falcon Pinpoint II and undocked, determined to try and help out if I could.

I warped to the wrong gate at first; in my hurry I didn't read the chat correctly. I then warped to the correct gate at 100 km and as the bubble faded I was presented with an ugly picture on my screen. My original corp mate and another corp mate were there valiantly fighting but they were outnumbered by 5 to 2, the enemy sporting three battleships and two Heavy Assault Cruisers. I would have decloaked and tried to help even the odds but one of the enemy was only 13 km away sniping at the gate. Without voice comms I didn't know how close my buddies were to going down but judging by the enemy firepower, I guessed it would not be long.

So I held my cloak. It burned me to do so, but if I thought there was a chance to save them I would have thrown my Falcon into harm's way in a second. Alas I figured I was too late and I was right; seconds later the battleship of my corp mate blew up. The other corp mate that came to help in his battleship appears to have made it away safely. I stayed to provide some intel from the battlefield but soon thereafter I was called away and I logged with bitterness in my mouth.

I really need to get on and get some good PvP in. I need to kill something.


  1. It really does suck to find yourself in that position. I've been in a similar state a few times -- once being blamed by the mate in trouble for not getting there in time, but had I shown up a minute earlier, it would have been two of us down instead of one. Sometimes there really is nothing you can do.

  2. I think that the quote from pirates of the caribbean really works here. "Stick to the code." If he couldnt be saved, then he couldnt be saved and you trying to help would have only been throwing precious resources out the window for nothing. We all have the urge to help those that we like when they are in need, but accurately assessing when you can make a difference goes a long ways to being truly helpful in the long run.

    P.S. Love the blog keep up the good work.

  3. You mean you need to kill someone. :)