Monday, March 23, 2009

Eve Redux

Over at Massively.Com Brendan Drain posted an article rhetorically asking if wormholes have revitalized Eve. Its a good read and covers a lot of points I had considered writing up myself: new null sec space to access from high sec and low sec, new exciting PvE encounters, no major alliances claiming up all the space... it has definitely provided a huge exciting boost to the options players have when they log in.

Don't get me wrong: Eve was very vital prior to the advent of Apocrypha, but the addition of new dynamic non-claimable 0.0 space has been nothing but a good idea.

* * * * *
Sorry for the short post; I am beat. Twin B.... oh what the hell, I already told you their names... Sean has a terrible cold making it hard for him to sleep so SWMBO and I have been trading off hours throughout the night comforting him and trying to get him to sleep. Poor 11 month old doesn't know what is happening to him and makes him very sad.

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