Friday, March 20, 2009


Over at pjharvey's blog, he opines about the usefulness of the Skill Queue.

Indeed, this small addition to the game has revolutionized skill training. Thousands of pilots have tried early levels in skills they didn't think about before, and many early morning and late night log ins to switch a skill have been avoided to the betterment of mankind.

I love the skill queue. I would not give it up.


But... I do lament the fact that I feel disconnected from my skill training a lot more than I used to be.

What I mean by that is when you sit down and log in to change a skill because the current one training is about to finish, you get a feeling of accomplishment. "There! Gallenete Drone Specialization IV! Hooray!" Its the "ding" in Eve. Its the hit from the drug addiction.

But the skill queue has taken it away from me. I trained four levels of various drone skills for Deranna last night and I don't feel a thing. Correct that, I feel cheated! I WANT MY DING BACK CCP! DAMN YOU!

* * * * *
Ok, I'm back. I went to get a Coke. Caffeine is my other drug of choice. Where was I? Oh yes...

I do wish I had a ding. I've been using Certificates a little to get that feeling, but its not the same. New ships definitely help, and new weapons would too. I guess I just need to cross train more, get some Amarr and Minmatar ship skills and some Projectile and Lasers. Oh that reminds me, need to train for the Nightmare soon...

I guess I'll fill one addiction with another. For now.


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  1. You do realise you don't /need/ to use the skill queue don't you? ;)