Monday, March 23, 2009

Soldiers of Fortune

We have declared war against a large 0.0 alliance, so this puts my wormhole expedition plans on hold again. No worries, w-space is not going anywhere.

While plotting the doom of our latest enemies, I once again considered my options in terms of PvP vessels and once again considered cross training to Gallente or Amarr. The Falcon may be a great gang ship but for solo work against the prepared it is greatly lacking. The Pilgrim is most attractive right now, but in order to make best use of it I would need to get Amarr Cruiser V and Recons V... two skills that are not known for being quick.

Instead I might just stick to interceptors and assault frigates... which makes me wonder about cross training to Gallente Frigate V, only 8 extra days. Taranis, Ishkur, Keres... all very fine vessels. Very tempting.

1 comment:

  1. Nice play on words, wormhole space itself is not "going anywhere" but the actual spaces are shifting. I'm sure this pun is just my imaginings tho.

    Good luck with getting some kills