Monday, February 09, 2009

Preliminary Apocrypha Patch Notes

Hat tip to my twitter feed, here is the link to the preliminary patch notes. For those allergic to the Eve Online website, here is a copy and paste Google Doc.

Of great interest is the section on Tech III:

]Tech 3
Strategic cruisers

* Loki (Minmatar), Tengu (Caldari), Legion (Amarr), Proteus (Gallente)
o These ships are made each out of 5 subsystems (electronic, defensive, engineering, offensive, propulsion) and a connecting base hull
o All subsystems are interchangeable (inside their own race and slot) and make for a lot of possible ships
o Subsystems can only be changed in a station
o The attributes and balancing are NOT FINAL!
o Bigger is not better, just different (refer to them as variations and not tiers)

Reverse Engineering

* Basis: Ancient item found/salvaged in wormholes
o They can be reverse engineered in experimental labs at a POS or Caldari outpost
o There are several degrees of success
Best success results in a BPC for a T3 subsystem or T3 hull which can then be manufactured

T3 manufacturing

* Works similar to T2 manufacturing, but T3 components made out of material found in wormhole space and material from normal space are needed
Subsystems can be manufactured at a new Subsystem Assembly Array or an Amarr Outpost

Sounds like two new POS structures are needed:
- Experimental labs for reverse engineering the T3 BPCs
- Subsystem Assembly Array for manufacturing the things

Not surprising, hopefully a new dev blog soon will give more details on reverse engineering skills and manufacturing skills required. Please don't let them be skill books you have you explore for... I hate that game mechanic.


  1. I just want to see pics of T3 ships OTHER than Caldari.

  2. Anonymous1:09 pm

    You are THE MAN

    Oh did you see we will all be able to re balance our skills :)