Monday, February 09, 2009

Test Server Screen Shots

I haven't gotten on the test server Singularity myself yet since the alpha Apocrypha patch was installed but I plan to check it out tonight after I download the 1 GB patch.

However, many others are not bound by the same issue of being at work, so here are some links to some pictures for you all!

First off fellow blogger Biomassed gives a sneak peek.

Then head on over to Eve Online forums and check out the four pages of this thread with links to lots of things including the new Tech III ships.

Finally, if you are not easily offended, check out the Scrapheap Challenge forums for more picture goodness.

So far my impression of the screenshots is "wow". The new graphics for asteroids and ice rocks are impressive. Not too sure on the new fitting screen, need to see it in action and see if it has some customizability to it. New scanning window holds a lot of promise; I always thought the plethora of probes was a considerable pain in the ass.

I'm not getting too hung up on the Tech III ship stats yet. This early on the values are mostly shots in the dark by the devs and not to be taken seriously. Once we get closer to March I'll sit down and give a hard look but with the sheer number of possible configurations it will be difficult to come up with anything more than "COOL!".


  1. Thanks for the "heads up". Am downloading my 1Gig patch right now.

  2. I think the Tech 3 ships as they are seem fairly low skill requirement wise (similar to Tech 2) which I quite like the idea of (I dont particularly like mandatorily long training times) just need to hope that the ship costs wont be astronomical - somehow I can forsee 200-500mil for a cruiser being a possibility (plucking a figure from the air, but presuming the work involved in getting the bits together), which is a bit crazy, but depends how good/survivable they are.