Monday, February 09, 2009


The past two weeks have been hard on my Eve career. I had inlaws staying for one week and sick twins that fought at bedtime and had a hard time sleeping through the night the second week. I did get online on the weekend inbetween but spent it on the test server. I had the bloodlust... I needed a kill.

To make matters worse for me, our alliance scored a huge victory on our war targets when they caught a hostile carrier playing station undock games. I always to seem to miss out on the awesome kills... but then my crappy schedule means I miss out on a lot of kills. Sigh.

So it was with frothing-at-the-mouth bloodlust I logged in looking for a fight. If I couldn't find one at home, I was prepared to clone jump to Evati and go looking for pirates to tangle with. Fortunately, our war targets were out and about.

As I logged in a fleet was just disbanding as our war targets had all docked up, but a few minutes later they started to poke around again and a report came of a Thorax cruiser on a local gate. I wasn't sure if a fleet would respond in time so I jumped into my gank Falcon and flew to the scene of the crime. There I found a conflict brewing as our alliance rallied and got into position.

The report was that a hostile Phobos Heavy Interdictor and Falcon were also in the area with the Thorax. They showed up at the gate and all three jumped through into the next system. Moments later they jumped back in and a friendly Drake battlecruiser moved to engage. The enemy responded in kind and out fleet received the order to pounce.

We vastly outnumbered them and chose the Phobos as the target of our ire. The Phobos in turn, picked me. He charged out at me with guns blazing, perhaps hoping to outrun tacklers and kill me before making an escape. Falcons are weak targets and had he not got jammed up the wahzoo I might have had a problem. If he hoped to escape through me, he might have been surprised to find me webbing and scraming him as well. The Phobos died and the other two escaped.

Side note: first actual kill against a war target in two wars. I've been trying just never on for the big action. :(

With the enemy gang stillborn, we were back to camping stations. One war target was playing undock games in his Astarte Command ship with my CEO's Absolution Command ship, so I thought I would play around too. I was tired of the Falcon and was eager to try out some other ships in my arsenal. Too often I reach for the warm blanket of Covert Ops and ECM; time to branch out.

I undocked in a Harpy Assault Ship but after a minute or so decided it was not right for the job. The hope was the enemy would slip and get aggro and we would pound it to dust before he could redock. So I went back inside station and picked something with more "ommph". Out came the Vera Causa, my Blaster Rokh Battleship.

We played with the Astarte a few times, once getting him down to structure before he docked. Then the call came out of a red in our constellation floating around in an Ishtar Heavy Assault ship. Well that just won't do! The fleet reforms and out we go.

We caught him at a gate and he took a pounding but escaped back to the gate and ran deeper into the pocket into the dead end system with no station. We set up camp and waited to see if he would log or try to make another run for it. Fifteen minutes later he made a run for it.

He did not get very far.

I was pleased as punch to get the killmail on that one even if it wasn't a war target and his setup was not overly impressive. I fired two salvoes on him and the second hit while he was in structure with no hull resistances; my faction antimatter obliterated his ship and earned me the top damage as a fluke. Still, it gets my name out in front of the corp and alliance leadership and shows I'm getting in some activity.

With two kills in one sitting including a war target kill and a top-damage/final-blow kill, my bloodlust was sated.

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  1. Gratz on the kills! I'm still a PvP kill virgin.