Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Here Is A No Fly Zone

Last night I finally got a solid hour to log in and catch up on alliance and corporate happenings. While I was there, fitting out a ship to take to Providence for ratting, some bad guys flew into our constellation with trouble on their minds. The Sukanan defenders quickly rallied and a fleet formed up.

The fleet consisted of some alliance mates and friendlies, and I was unsure of what ship to grab. DPS? Tackle? In the end I settled for the safest choice and picked the Falcon Recon ship: you can always use a bit more ECM on your side. And since the enemy ships were reported as Hurricane, Myrmidon, and Rook (which is the combat/non-cloaking version of the Falcon) I figured it was a good choice.

We formed up on a gate where the bad guys would have to come through to leave the area. While we were still sorting out assignments and ship types, they jumped into our camp and we engaged. The Rook was declared primary and four ships including mine hit it with everything we had; it melted quickly as it does not have the most impressive tank to begin with but since we had not the time to assign pilots to tackle the battlecruisers, they made their escape and scooted out of our territory as quickly as they could.

Nice to get in on an unexpected kill, especially of a Tech II cruiser.

Looking at the kill mail, I have to shake my head. Obviously this is a ship of a rookie ECM pilot: ECM Mulitjammer IIs are not only worse than the best named version (albeit cheaper... but if you're going cheap, do it on a Blackbird for crying out loud), but using racial jammers are preferable in all cases where you have at least four ECM mods. Plus, cap recharger? Unless his skills were complete crap, he should have been more than cap stable without that useless mod. And the one of the Signal Distort Amps was a Tech I version... pathetic. If you're going to fly a Tech II ship, fit Tech II mods. Sigh.


  1. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Using Multi's is not always a bad idea, especially if you do not know what you will be going into. I usually carry a racial of each type (sometiems 2 caldari) and fill the rest of my slots with racials, for added flexibility. But yeah... he was prolly a noob without full t2 fit.

  2. Mathematically, if you have five multis and four racials, one of which matches the enemy ship type, then your odds of jamming that ship are almost the same. But the racials have better range and less cap use. PLus, if you have two matching racials, your odds improve more.