Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing With the Orca

Back to Eve content! Whew! All you Eve pilots probably had your eyes glaze over after that last post, eh? Well, no worries: this blog continues to be 99% Eve related for the foreseeable future.

I know how a carrier's Ship Maintenance Array and Corporate Hanger Array work when you and the carrier pilot are both in the same corporation. But this past weekend I had the question arise in my brain as to how it all works when the two players are in different corporations and not in the same alliance.

It all came about because I ran a level four mission and decided I was going to loot and salvage like a good level four mission runner does for maximum profit. Its been a long time since my Thrasher Destroyer/Salvager has seen action: the Vacuum Cleaner with its 5 Salvager Is and 3 Tractor Beams throwing stuff into its 650 m3 hold was itching to get out there. However I quickly remembered that module sizes had been increased since I last cleaned up after myself in a mission and found myself having to make a couple trips to get all the loot back to base. Kind of annoying really.

So I started to idly think how could I loot and Salvage better. First idea was to use a Badger MKII to do the work but its lack of high slots for salvagers and tractor beams put the kibosh on that idea quickly. But what about Derranna? I could have her fly around behind Kirith in a Mastadon or Prowler picking up the loads in its large bay.

And as the thought thread moved in that direction, a light bulb lit over my head: the Orca! With its large cargo capacity and bonus to tractor beam range (up to 70km), it seemed like an ideal utility ship for mission clean up. I considered several configurations: the Orca alone with tractor and two salvagers seemed too inefficient; three tractor beams bring wrecks to Kirith doing the salvaging beside the Orca seemed to have too much client switching; but having Kirith do all the work and then jettisoning the cargo when 650m3 reached to allow Derranna to tractor in the can seemed to be the best idea.

And at that point I got curious: could Kirith, being in a different corporation from Derranna, use the Hanger and Ship Bay? I had to find out. I got Derranna to fly over to Goram in the Orca and undocked Kirith. Here is what I found out.

1) While not ganged, Kirith could not do anything.

2) While ganged, Kirith could access the Corporate Hanger at least on the first tab by putting stuff in and taking it out. No idea if corporate access rights apply as Derranna is in an NPC corp.

3) While ganged, he could only access the Ship Maintanence Array if Derranna configured her ship to allow fleet members to use it. Then he could change modules, store the ship, and launch a ship.

If only the Orca had a 500,000 m3 ship hanger instead of 400,000m3. Then Kirith could have his salvager in the Orca and once the mission is complete, simply fly to the Orca, get his salvager while storing the Raven. I wouldn't have to fly back to base to do the switch. Alas, it is not meant to be. However, the concept of salvaging with the aid of the Orca definitely seems workable, and its not out of the realm of possibility of storing a combat ship in the Orca in case things get hot for some reason.

After all this thinking, I remember that the Orca is a command ship and can fit Warfare Link modules. I opened EFT and played with the effect of having the Orca as sqaud booster with Shield gang modules installed. By itself the CNR now boasts a 516 DPS tank (as long as cap charges hold out). With Derranna and the Shield Harmonizing and Active Shielding links (more resistances and faster booster respectively), it goes up to 619 DPS tank. That's a significant boost; the only better command ship for the role would be the Vulture since it gives a 3% bonus per level to Shield link modules.

So looks like I have a new skill training plan for Derranna once she's done with Mining Director V and Cybernetics V. Its only 22 days to get Siege Warfare to V and Siege Warfare Specialist and Warfare Link Specialists both to IV (and Warfare Link Specialists helps with the mining modules as well anyways).


  1. I need to figure out a way for me to salvage. Problem is I don't want to use anything but my primary (comandeering my wife's account would be wrong) and I don't want to train an alt just for salvage.

    Is it worth the time to head back to station, switch a ship and head out for the salvage, or will I make more cash long-term just moving on to the next mission?

  2. Back in my hard core mission running days, I would use one account and salvage after every mission. It is definitely worth it as the loot and salvage combined often contributed as much as the mission and bounties itself. Unless you are going for standing and/or loyalty points, mission cleanup is definitely good isk. Hence why ninja salvagers exist :)

  3. So running back and jumping into a salvaging thrasher is a good idea. Cool. Thanks.

  4. Destroyers are fine for salvaging. But, what you really want is a battlecruiser to do the job. Like a Hurricane!

    Fill those low slots with cargo expanders. Even slap on rigs if you want and it is really efficient. Expensive, but heck, this is a game. You might as well be as vain as possible.

    Another comment about PyscheDiver's initial one: The main reason why Marauders are so effective at mission running is that not only are they strong ships in dps/tank but they can SALVAGE THE MISSION SIMULTANEOUSLY. Lots of people ask if those ships are "worth training" for. The ability the salvage alone makes it an absolute YES!

  5. In the interim, before you have the Orca trained, you can always try the 'pickup truck' method. You jettison a can and lock it with your tractor, then fly around with it towing behind. If you are going faster than the 500m/s the tractor tows at, just be sure you don't go further than the range of the tractor beam. That way you only have to do one cargo transfer at the end, unless you are worried about can flippers.

  6. Leumas, that's the easy way to do it! I prefer elaborate complicated schemes that require bigger ships! :)

  7. thats why you use a command ship for lvl4s not only do they move quicker over those annoying large gaps between warpin and accel gates they also fit into the maint bay of the orca.