Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Ok, So Now What?"

There was one major flaw with my plan to turn Derranna into the "Ultimate Mining Foreman" with the Orca, mining command links, and Mining Foreman mindlink: Derranna is my only serious miner.

You can't fly an Orca and be a miner.

Now don't get me wrong, the Orca is still a good purchase for me as it nicely fits into the stable of logistic ships having really good cargo space (89,000 m3 cargo and 40,000 m3 Maintentance Array along with 400,000 m3 Ship Hanger) and the ability to move rigged battlecruisers and smaller cannot be underestimated. But I really wanted to use the ship's ability to make mining more profitable and I don't feel like I can have her join a mining corp for the single reason that I fear I would bring the wrath of FINEG down upon any small or medium corp I join. With m3 and Blackwater not doing mining ops anymore, I'm left to my own devices.

"Ok, so now what?"

Well, I need to get another miner.

Purchasing one from the forums was a possibility but expensive and ISK supplies are a bit low. Its better to train one up after Derranna is done her training. None of my alts were created as industrial types so I made a new character and he will do the necessary training for ultimately the Hulk with stops at Retriever along the way. EveMon suggests it will take the better part of half a year so I don't expect I'll be doing any solo mining ops any time soon, but planning for the future is always a good idea.


  1. Yeah... Not having a miner for mining ops is a T2 fail :P

    Hope you can get things sorted. But I still don't know why FIENG or whatever would still be bothering you?

  2. Anonymous10:53 pm

    or join a mining corp with powerful alliance backing?

  3. FINEG have long memories and big blackmail bills to have paid. I thought that they had forgotten me last August after months of nothing from them and then I lost that tower in high sec.

    Re: power alliance mining corp - I've considered it, we'll see how things go. No rush, invention makes me lots of money as it is.

  4. Unless you want to get TWO designated miners to support your orca pilot, you really do not create much of any extra efficiency going hulk + orca.

    I can look up some data for you later, if you'd like (I just got home and I am waaayy too tired for that now), but I have seen lots of info describing the main differences of up to three accounts, such as:

    Hulk(Cargo Expanders)+Hulk(Cargo Expanders)
    Hulkx3 and so on.

    The differences are NOT that great. When it comes to bonuses, the Orca is really designed for FLEET support. That is where it really shines. I hear the break even point is as high as 3 hulks, as in, the third hulk would still be more efficient than an Orca.

    You should really look into this further before you waste half a year of training on one of your accounts.

    Also keep in mind, the MAIN reason why everyone wants an Orca is that they are still one of the most flexible transport type ships in the game (for hi-sec). You have already achieved this goal.

  5. Anonymous7:13 am

    Kirith - Your patience with those idiots within FINEG is astouding. Just have your alliance war dec em and wipe em out in empire space bro and be done with it :)

    TC anyways

  6. I agree with Manasi. Take them down.