Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More On Podcasts

I'm really enjoying listening to podcasts on the commute every day. For the past year or more I drove in silence as regular radio had begun eating my soul and I felt I was better off not listening to the same idiots and the same mind numbing ads day in and day out. So the ad-free and relevant-to-me podcasts are a great diversion.

Here are the podcasts I've subscribed to and listened to the latest episode of, along with my thoughts:

Warp Drive Active Podcast - Very enjoyable, so I hope it gets back to twice a month frequency, or at least once a month.

Micro Warp Cast - Crazy Kinux is a force in the Eve blogging community and an inspiration to us other Canuck bloggers, and his podcast is no different. I'm very sad there hasn't been an episode since the beginning of November.

Van Hemlock's Podcast - I'm currently listening to the episode released on Monday Jan 5 and I really enjoy listening to british people speak. Somehow I think my own voice would sound less annoying to me if I could do it in a british isles dialect. Alas, I've tried to do accents before and the only ones I do well are Yoda and Warcraft Orcs. Sigh. Oh yeah, like the content so far too.

Titan Weekly - A bit less polished technicially than other podcasts I've listened to so far, but the content is first rate top notch stuff. However, nothing since mid-november. Is it finished?

Fly Reckless - First podcast I listened to since he works closely with my employer Eve Tribune and reads selected articles from the Tribune on his podcast (as well as other articles from other Eve News sites). I've noticed in the past he hasn't read any of my Fighting Spacecraft articles but really I can't blame him; I have a hard enough time writing them, I'd dread having to stumble over the pseudo-tech jargon I use to make them seem vaguely realistic.

The Drone Bay
- I thought this one was dead but returned at the beginning of Dec with the first episode since October. I really liked it (another Canadian, woot!) and I hope it returns to a regular or semi-regular schedule.

Shut Up, We're Talking - Not an Eve-only podcast but includes the Ancient Gaming Noob (periodically?) who is one of my favourite bloggers so I checked it out. Definitely was worth the download, I liked it a lot and will continue to subscribe.

* * * * *
Ok, that's all for now. I'm looking for more podcasts to add to the subscription list so if anyone has some suggestions please post a comment or email me. Eve podcasts or general MMO gaming podcasts in particular.

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  1. Anonymous9:41 pm

    British isles accents? Love the Irish accent. The Scottish brogue is entertaining, for sure. But the English accent? Well, I fear going to London - I might not escape with my sanity.

    For a twist, try recording while talking through a tube or into a box (metal). Get that hollow echo sound - the "Voice from the Pod" (c) lol

    Did you know Pod-casting was invented by and for capsuleers? The idea was stolen by Internet pirates, I tell you!

    Enough silliness. Nice post btw - I'll check out those podcasts.