Monday, January 05, 2009

December In Review, 2008 In review

A few days late but whatever.

Month Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Dec 2008 3,647 2,655 1,563 1,092
Nov 2008 3,461 2,564 1,664 900
Oct 2008 5,443 3,898 2,380 1,518
Sep 2008 4,474 3,191 1,793 1,398

Despite no posting from Dec 24 onwards I still beat my numbers from November. Of course, I had that week long hiatus in November as well so maybe that's not so good.

Daily Averages:
Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Total 3,647 2,655 1,563 1,092
Average 118 86 50 35

Busiest day was Tuesday Dec 23rd with 240 page loads, probably from the Blog Banter once more. Number of Google Reader subscribers is still 46.

In December our corp and alliance concluded our war with Hunters Imperiale and Legi0n to much satisfaction, we had a couple alliance Mission Running Days to procure funds and minerals for the capital ship building program, I purchased and flew my new Orca for Derranna and Caldari Navy Raven for Kirith, and had another couple duels with Mynxee in which we both flew away with a loss and a kill.

January promises more 0.0 action in Providence and the final end to my carrier skill training.

* * * * *

2008 In Review

While we're looking back, let's do a quick review of 2008.

In January 2008 I was part of m3 but my old mentor and friend was restarting Strife Mercenaries and I left m3 after a lot of agonizing to help form the directorship of the new corp. We formed up in Molden Heath area, and would eventually move to join Sylph Alliance in Catch for a spell before moving to Placid and Syndicate to join Rejuvenate alliance and then help it turn into Wrath alliance before politics and personality conflicts convinced us to pull back to Placid to regroup in the spring.

Then we got war dec by FINEG, lost my medium tower to them and our CEO's carrier, our thus CEO needed a mental break, our other directors took off, and I decided to go join Factional Warfare since my time was compromised by the real life arrival of my twin boys. By the summer Strife Mercenaries was effectively dead.

In Feburary I joined the writing staff at Eve Tribune and have written a lot of articles over the year for them and will continue to do so, especially with my fluff series on fighting spacecraft.

The summer was devoted to Factional warfare and the acheiving of Minmatar faction standings to anchor a high sec POS. Which I accomplished. Which was immediately destroyed over a long weekend in August where I was away by the return of FINEG whom I assumed had forgotten about me.

Disheartened I spent the late summer considering options while waging a fruitless one man war against FINEG before apply to and joining m3 corp once more at the beginning of October. Since then I've been rebuilding ties, training for my carrier, and generally having a good time.

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  1. Looks like a great year in review! Grats on almost finishing your carrier skills!