Saturday, January 03, 2009

Millennial Post

Welcome to the first post of 2009 and the 1000th post on Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah!

Almost 4 years of posting stretching from my days in Warhammer 40K to my recent conversion to Eve Online, its been a wild ride with more yet to come.

To celebrate the event I'm having a lottery giveaway to my faithful readers. That's right, I'm giving away some stuff. Good stuff!

Here's the deal: post a comment to this thread with a number between 1 and 100. Each prize will have pre-picked number and the commenter with the closest number wins the prize. Also note that to make the number picking fair, 100 is adjacent to 1 in a circular strip, i.e. 11 as a pick is closer to 97 than it is to 30.

So what are the prizes?

First Prize: Minmatar Prowler Blockade Runner Transport Ship

Second Prize: Guristas Worm Faction Frigate

Third Prize: Max Run Drake Battlecruiser BPC (With decent ME)

Fourth Prize: One Run Cerberus Heavy Assault Cruiser BPC (ME = -4)

Fifth Prize (aka the Booby Prize): One Janitor

Winning numbers have been selected from a generator on and assigned to the prizes. If there are any ties for closest number to a prize, I'll do a coin flip to pick the winner and might have a consolation prize for the loser. Commenters can only win one prize and their number will be removed from consideration after winning a prize. I will resolve the winners in order from First prize to fifth.

Ok, I think that covers everything... OH! One last thing, this contest will end when I get to work on Monday morning, Jan 12 and load up the comments. So you have to then!

Please only one entry per person, we're working on the honour system so don't make me regret it.

Good luck!


  1. You deserve an award for dedication o_O

    And, hmmm... I'll say 49

  2. Anonymous8:36 am

    Your blog is always a good read.
    Thanks for your effort and for giving me something to do when I should be working :)

    My guess is......75

  3. You, sir... ROCK.

    42! The answer to everything!

  4. Anonymous9:07 am

    Congratz! And good luck for the next 1000 posts. May they be as interesting and enaging as their predecessors :)

    As for my number, well, have me 34, so in 34 I trust.

  5. One of the best, most informative blogs out there ... now even better!

    8 for me...the age of my beloved mule Emma.

  6. Anonymous10:21 am

    Horry hooray! Way to go. I like the number 69 please.


  7. 86

    And I want my prize converted to gold, and sent to my WoW account. ;)

  8. Anonymous12:14 pm

    1000. Epic number! Well done

    The number I choose: 48

  9. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Love the blog, here's to another 1,000.

    I'll go with 21... legal drinking age (in the US anyhow).


  10. Way to go! I remembe reading about the many 40k battles you've had, and relished the ones which featured me. (Even all of them ending in my solid asswhupping).

    I'm going to go on a limb and guess 21.

  11. Crap, somebody did already claim 21. Well then, give me 71

  12. Congrats on 1000 Kirith, Ill take my age 32 :)

  13. Looking forward to more future posts.

    I am going to pick... 7

    It is pretty much always, isn't it?

  14. Anonymous8:36 pm


    you got the best eve blog around. happy new year

    zen pwning

  15. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Congrats on 1000 posts. Your blog is my starting point for Eve blogs, and I jump from there to many of the others you link two and/or who follow your blog.

    Being Minmatar, I want the Prowler! But with my luck I'll be lucky to get the janitor. Nevertheless, I'm in with 57.

    Congrats again, wishing you a thousand more.

  16. Wowzas! 1000 posts! A very satisfying feat I must say!

    20 comments already, you should Twitted this ;)

    I call out the number 12 because it's my lucky number, though I think the Cerb BPC > the max Drake BPC *hint hint*!

    Can't wait for your updates on your businesses as they have helped me! Keep it up!

    P.S. Please don't pull a Spectre on us haha.

  17. Anonymous3:54 am

    I'll pick number 64, please.

  18. Congrats on the 4 digit mark. Love the imformative posts.

    #27 for me.

  19. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Congrats mate!!!! Wow, 1000 posts. Hope I can try to keep up!!

    Oh, by and by, I'll go with 45.

  20. Congrats for 1000 posts!

    I will say... 77

  21. Anonymous6:06 am

    i'll say 76

  22. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Congrats on the 1000th!

    Lucky 3 for me.

  23. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Count me down as 1 :)

  24. 54, because someone already had my perfect number. As an aside do you're opponents walk their titans through the corner of buildings also, or are you only marine size 40K.

  25. Cj Didge: When we played Epic our groupd tried to keep it easy going and fun, but if they tried to walk through the corner of a building there were penalties built into the rules for dangerous terrain higher than their knees.

  26. Anonymous3:12 pm

    I'll go 58 please - grats on reaching 1000

  27. Anonymous10:41 am

    I cannot help but respond to honour the man (kirith) and the legend (1000 posts!).

    oh and for the contest and Dirty Harry, I'll pick the number 44.


  28. Re-posting my number with a full character name, just in case.


    Leumas Kharzim

  29. Hi Leumas, results are here:

    Looks like you didn't win anything but if Rubber Duckie doesn't claim his Janitor prize, I'll be sure to contact you as you are the next closest number :)