Monday, January 05, 2009

My Christmas Vacation

While I have not posted for a week and a half, I have played some Eve when my hectic schedule allowed.

PvE: I'm working on getting a good agent to run level four missions for in Tash Murkon region and I think I found one that I only need a few more points of Gallente standing to get access to. In the meantime I'm running level threes to get those all important storylines.

PvP: With no wars and no hostiles daring to approach Sukanan constellation much these days, we've been doing some roams into Providence region looking for fights. I participated in one where we got a Falcon for the loss of a Rapier, but didn't get involved on the kill mail due to guarding an exit gate.

Industry: Mostly building Onyxes from those BPCs I got last month. I've sold quite a few and currently am building two more with the part for four more purchased this morning. The wallet is slowly rebuilding and should be over 500 million in a couple weeks.

Skills: Derranna is working on the 23 day skill Mining Director V which I need for the Mining Foreman Mindlink implant, and Kirith is finishing up Fighters IV this week with Energy Pulse Weapons V on the horizon.


  1. I hope more ship spotlights are in the works... Those are AWESOME!

  2. Indeed, I plan to continue writing them for the foreseeable future.

  3. Anonymous11:48 am

    Good to see you back posting and glad you were able to keep playing even during the holiday break :)

    More ship spotlights indeed!