Friday, December 05, 2008

All Quiet On The Sukanan Front

I got online for a solid hour last night but the action was sparse.

One war target was in the high sec system Anjedin just outside of our Sukanan constellation floating around in a Manticore stealth bomber. A few of us tried to catch him but he was not to be found. The gang dispersed back into low sec and I jumped from my Crow interceptor into a Buzzard Covert Ops with Recon Scan Probe Launcher; I decided to see if he would be careless.

I blanketed Anjedin with Spook scan probes (20 AU range) and ran scan after scan looking for a juicy hostile. I got some hits on Neutrals running missions, but no Manticore. Finally I saw him decloak and jump into the neighbouring high sec system and soon after log off.

A few more war targets were spotted about 10 jumps away but I wanted to log soon myself and there was not a huge amount of enthusiasm to go after them since they would probably dock up as soon as we got in range anyways. So I went to my base and jumped in the Ninveah and undocked in it so I could organize the drones into logical groups and play with my eleven fighters a bit outside the station.

Not much action but I did get to chat with corp mates and made sure the enemy stayed honest. All in all an honest night's work.

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