Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Cap'n Speaks!

I was running a level four mission with some corp mates in my trusty Rokh Battleship Saturday night when Captain Santiago of FINEG shows up in a Rifter.
[ 2008.09.28 02:18:46 ] Capitan Santiago > Kirith Kodachi Rokh
[ 2008.09.28 02:19:22 ] Capitan Santiago > 30 secs till log
[ 2008.09.28 02:21:42 ] Capitan Santiago > Ctrl + Q is fastest way
[ 2008.09.28 02:27:53 ] Capitan Santiago > too noob to do missiosn solo kirith?
[ 2008.09.28 02:28:15 ] Capitan Santiago > or you just afraid ghosts might appear?
[ 2008.09.28 02:33:24 ] Capitan Santiago > Doing vengeance?
[ 2008.09.28 02:33:54 ] Capitan Santiago > not a bad mission, cake walk
[ 2008.09.28 02:35:47 ] Capitan Santiago > Hey so how is derrana? good?
Pretty lame smack if you ask me although the line about Ctrl+Q being the fastest made me chuckle. After the mission we go to turn it in and a FINEG alt pipes up:
[ 2008.09.28 02:36:11 ] EVE System > Channel changed to XXXXX Local Channel
[ 2008.09.28 02:36:52 ] Zer0 CooL > run kirith!
Curious to see what the Cap'n would do I went back in Thorax Mynxee's Bane and we circled each other for a while outside the station.
[ 2008.09.28 02:41:59 ] EVE System > Channel changed to YYYYY Local Channel
[ 2008.09.28 02:42:19 ] Capitan Santiago > omg you came for me
[ 2008.09.28 02:42:29 ] Capitan Santiago > or did you forget your drones?
Then this after several minutes of nothing happening:
[ 2008.09.28 02:56:14 ] Capitan Santiago > wanna go to a belt?
So I warped to a belt, he shows up, and we continue to circle each other. Now, I'm under strict corp orders to keep my sec status above -2.0 AND I didn't feel like giving him kill rights so I thought I would let him shoot first. No sentries, right?

But nothing. Until:
[ 2008.09.28 03:01:41 ] Capitan Santiago > im not grinding sec for a rax kill
Well I'm not doing it for a rifter kill either. So I docked and logged. And as I warped:
[ 2008.09.28 03:02:12 ] Capitan Santiago > lol
[ 2008.09.28 03:02:19 ] Capitan Santiago > u war dec and run like a pussy
I gave up on the solo war dec against FINEG because I came to realize it was pointless: I didn't have the numbers to bring them to combat unless they had more firepower, and I was tired of flying alone. But I saw no point in trying to explain that as I doubt anyone in FINEG is looking for explanations.

I wasted a good 45-50 minutes of his time and that's enough for me. :) Note that I did not directly communicate with him via evemail, convo, or in Local. The above local log was all there was in the chat box.


  1. I guess they are in a sense "roleplaying" but, they seem kind of stupid or just really really really bored.

    It's a shame.

  2. Roleplaying or not the behaviour is childish and deliberately goading. This isn't the kind of fun I envision when I think of connecting with gamers across the world.