Monday, December 08, 2008


Friday night I had some unexpected free time (which was balanced out later in the weekend when I didn't get my expected online time Sunday evening) so I logged in to find some action.

Except our war targets are in a failure cascade.

Throughout the war with Legi0n and Hunters Imperiale, we have typically seen the same 10-20 pilots from their ranks out fighting. This is from corps with over 30 and 40 members each. Well in the past week they've been bleeding members and many of them that have left have been those that fought the most early on. Its gotten to the point where we are at war with nothing but ghosts.

I suspect that when they decc'd us they thought we were mission runners primarily and they would run us into station and pick off the stragglers. I don't think they excepted us to prosecute the war with such enthusiasm and vigour, chasing them down to their bases and missions with superior numbers and experienced PvPers. When you're outnumbers always and have very few victories over weeks of war, its wears a corp down. Out killboard reports an efficiency of 71.5% with 114 ships killed (3786.52M ISK) to only 49 ships lost (1509.39M ISK). Also worth noting is the 30-6 cpasules killed ratio. We are blood thirsty.

The upshot of all this blather is that I had logged in Friday to find no war targets near by and no gangs looking to go find them. I decided to go on a roam to a nearby low sec area where they have been known to appear so I jumped into my blaster Harpy and set course for the unknown.

No war targets were to be seen, and at one point I passed a hostile Lachesis and Zealot going the opposite direction at a low sec gate, but I lacked the firepower to engage and they did not give chase. Besides, we have strict orders of engagement and I think I would have been violating them in this case. Regardless, I finished my roam through low sec and ended up in high sec in Domain region and completely lost; seriously, I could not find my position on the map. Freaking Domain is too big.

Fortunately the nav computer knew where I was and autopilot marked the gates to get me back home. With the war winding down and no word on the next action, I might get some exploration done with Derranna and Kirith working together to fine tune the operation for when we head to null sec some day.

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  1. Looks like the war has turned in your favour.