Monday, December 08, 2008

Orca Pilot (Almost) Ready!

Derranna completed her training for Mining Foreman V and then Mining Director I this evening, meaning she has the prerequisites for the Industrial Command Ship skill which I promptly purchased for 45 million ISK. She still has a couple months of training to get the skills to use some Mining Warfare Links and the Mining Foreman Mindlink I want.

I checked the markets to see how the price of the Orca is doing now that the initial rush is over and supply and demand are settling down. In Amarr the lower sell orders were around 700 million and this morning before downtime they the buy orders were at 500 million. However, when I checked tonight competition had driven the two closers together, sell orders bottoming at 675 and buy orders rising to 650. I expect perhaps prices will now descend gracefully to the 600 million mark and maybe below in the coming weeks. I was tempted to buy one right now, but decided to wait for a bit.

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  1. Anonymous9:19 am

    Seeing as ill be able to fly one of these in about a month ive been looking at the costs myself. buying the minerals and building the components costs about 450mil so i can see them dropping to about 475-500mil eventually maybe even down to 450mil once people start getting their bpos researched.