Saturday, December 06, 2008

Question of the Day

Battleship Drone Bay Capacities - Descending Order
Sin - 400
Dominix - 375
Typhoon - 175
Panther - 175
Armageddon - 125
Megathron - 125
Kronos - 125
Redeemer - 125
Navy Megathron - 125
Vindicator - 125
Hyperion - 100
Maelstrom - 100
Abaddon - 75
Apocalypse - 75
Raven - 75
Scorpion - 75
Tempest - 75
Paladin - 75
Golem - 75
Vargur - 75
Widow - 75
Navy Apocalypse - 75
Bhaalgorn - 75
Machariel - 75
Nightmare - 75
Rattlesnake - 75
Navy Raven - 75
Fleet Tempest - 75
Rokh - 50

So the question: Why, in this day of medium drones having severe trouble hitting frigate sized targets, is the Rokh the only battleship with a less than 75m3 drone bay?

In other words, what aspect of the Rokh makes it necessary to punish it by forcing it to use one flight of mediums (and thus being vulnerable to frigates) or having two flights of lights thus hurting its maximum DPS potential? As compared to say, a Hyperion/Abaddon/Maelstrom?

I really want to know the reasoning. And "its not a drone race" would be an acceptable reason if other Caldari battleships were similarly handicapped.


  1. I agree, its ridiculous. Sadly something that will probably never get fixed.

  2. Well the "intended" role of a Rokh is a sniper battleship. Drones are not as much use in extreme long range situations.

    It is hard to really figure this sort of thing out if you don't know the answer to the real question:

    "What would the Rokh loose, to counter balance, if it were given a larger drone bay?"

  3. Intended role as sniper? Ok, but other battleships are also intended as fleet sniper platforms, why are their drone bays larger? For that matter, both the Raven with long range cruises and Scorpion with long range ECM (as Caldari is the long range race) both are intended to operate from extreme ranges... but have larger drone bays.

  4. The Rokh is a tight little ship that already kicks some serious ass at some bleeding-edge ranges. I think giving it a decent drone bay would make it a little unbalanced.

    That's just MHO.

  5. I suppose what I meant by "intended" was that I have come to the understanding the Rokh really only "excels" in ranged fights. Some other ships, like the ones you listed do well in other roles.

    Even though you can use the Rokh in various other situations, you will often find the argument that it is not nearly as good as any other ship because it is designed to be a sniper.

    However unfortunate, it is the only logic I can come up with. That is not to say that it will not ever be adjusted, but meh.

  6. Psychedriver: Unbalanced how? Too much DPS at extreme ranges or too much DPS at Drone ranges?

    Take for example the Rokh's tier 3 contemporary the Hyperion. Rokh has optimal range bonus, Hyperion damage bonus. Both have 8 turrets. Graphs have been made that show that over almost all ranges except the most extreme the Hyperion is a better choice:

    Yet the Hyperion gets a 100m3 drone bay. Why? Is the extreme range advantage which most pilots consider to be a waste in anything except an all-Rokh fleet that much of an advantage that the Hyperion needs double the drone bay to compensate?

    I really want to know, because I'm leaning towards Tony's guess at this point: Drunk Devs


  7. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Silly wrabbit asking logical questions. Of course they had to gimp the drone bay. The Devs of the game do indeed have a hell of a time trying to balance anything and admittedly having a 75M3 drone bay tips the scales right....sigh I agree with you bro who knows what the ships was ever intended to do ( their descriptions are so vague and whatnot that even they don't know) beside railguns are soo powerful right? (this was almost all tongue in chesk bro)

  8. Things are weird. Maybe they will fix it if we start a forum post, but non of us really wants to go into that swamp...

    I think it should be at at least 75m3/mb, if not 100m3/mb.