Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Am Weak

Last night before going to bed I checked the markets and found an Orca on sale for my price range. So I bought it. Instant gratification anyone?

So here she is. As usual click to see it in full sized glory.

Here I am undocking in it. Haven't picked a name yet. Titanic perhaps? Boondoggle?

Although I don't do much mining, the tactical flexibility of having a mining command ship for future endeavours plus the ship maintenance array for transporting ships and the decent cargo capacity it boasts makes it an all round utility ship.

Interesting side note: according to EFT, the align time is 43.6 seconds compared to 44.7 seconds for the Fenrir freighter, and the Orca's top speed is 75m/s compared to 120 m/s. It is slower in autopiloting through high sec than the Fenrir as a result. For comparision, the jump freighter Nomad has a 28.6 second align time making it faster than both by far. Of course, neither frieghter can fit mods or carry assembled ships without courier contracts, nor give any bonuses to tractor beams or gang links.

Now, let's check in with the care bear bridgade and get their reaction:

They approve.


  1. The (corp prefix here) Fiscal Irresponsibility.

    Still... it's hot.

  2. Grats on the Orca! (And, BTW, your carebear brigade seriously PWNS TEH CUTENESS!!!)

  3. PD: Yeah, it was a total irresponsible thing to do fiscally-wise but I needed some bling to waste some isk on and it will at least be useful :)

  4. Awwwwwww Kirith, those babies are sooooo adorable! And the ship is cute too. I always say, why bother to hoard excessive amounts of ISK? Might as well spend it on stuff you enjoy. There's more to be had, anyway. Still working on my husband that the same philosophy should apply to some degree in RL...he's not buying it! *grin*

  5. Whoa, just awesomeness!

    Your kids are little capsuleers-in-practise!