Friday, December 12, 2008

Also, New Forum Signature

Playing with Gimp 2.0 freeware I came up with this on a first try. The alliance logo is not my creation, merely borrowed from our killboard. The name came from Cool Text Graphics generator website.

The carrier is mine :)


  1. Sharp, imposing, great colours.

  2. Anonymous5:54 pm

    I love forum signatures... but I hate forums. Ironic.

    I'll have to go try out that tool.

  3. Anonymous4:03 pm

    That is one seriously cool sig! I like the way the ship seems to be staring out at you - staring you down.


  4. I approve of your subject matter (i.e. ship), but then given I have a preclusion to the Chimera myself, that was a given.

    Personally I am using just the ones provided by my alliances killboard, but this is a nice one.

  5. Great-looking sig...that alliance logo is pretty sexy. My sister Hellcat Shae Tiann has been working on sigs for us...she is so good at it. Here's mine. Sigs are fun to make...I love seeing all the creative approaches people take to making dramatic visuals in such a small image.