Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Eve Tribune Article On Orca

The editor was looking for someone to play devil's advocate to his article supporting the recent high sec suicide ganks using the Orca as a platform to organize and launch the attacks from, so I stepped up and wrote one.

Its not something I feel strongly about but I wanted to give another perspective.


  1. Anonymous7:43 am

    Ouch Kirith you gonna get some people's panties in a bunch :) Not mine I'm no pirate and never have been. Interesting thoughts to be sure, I'll have to think more about em before I render any judgment ;)

  2. Good article, K. I would support the pod risk if the timing of faction response didn't change. One or the other, not both. Also, insurance should be not be paid if one has a negative sec status and one's ship is destroyed by Concord or faction police in high sec.

    By the way, it's entirely possible right now for outlaws to fly through high sec in a nimble ship. I fly frigs, cruisers, and interceptors...heck, even a PVP-fit Hurricane recently...through high sec to take short cuts (or in some cases to flee pursuers). I've seen a bunch of my outlaw friends take their battleships a jump or two through high sec with no problems and no special fits to make the ships align faster. I had to laugh wondering what the locals thought when 6 or 8 flashy reds landed on their high sec gate, LOL!

  3. Anonymous1:20 pm

    maybe not so harsh as in all hi security space as there is less of a market in losec but maybe prevent pods from using higher security gates like 0.7/0.8 rather than killing them just not letting the pods through either that or killing them either way it works for me :) and mynxee's way would work as well stop paying out insurance to people with negative sec status or have sec status impact the AMOUNT you can receive meaning hte lower your sec status you less you get, maybe even making haveing a higher sec status pay out more and maybe make it so that the more ships you lose the more expensive gets like in real life while the less frequent you lose ships your insurance costs decrease... just possibilities.