Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exchanges We're Willing To Take

Last night I amazingly found myself free to log in and play again. I was surprised as anyone, I can assure you.

Some corp mates were gearing up to run a mission and I jumped in the Insisto Oblivium II Rokh battleship to help out. The mission was Blockade against Sanshas so I was happy; Sanshas melt under hybrid firepower.

So me in my Rokh and two corp mates in Ravens warped in and made short work of the enemy waves. While we were finishing up the call went out that a hostile war target was camping a gate nearby in high sec in his Amarr Abaddon battleship, setup for apparent sniping.

I checked the wife. Still on the phone? Good. "X" me up to the fleet.

I docked and requested ship instructions. "Ranged DPS" I was told, so I powered up the Vera Causa Rokh battleship and outfit it for long range combat with 8 x 425mm Railgun IIs with Caldari Navy antimatter; with two tracking computers my optimal was 70 km and 29 km falloff and a DPS of 566.

We rallied outside the target system and a forward team of a Malediction interceptor and Arazu Recon went in to try and get him tackled. The target warped to station and soon docked. Minutes later he undocked in a Manitcore stealth bomber and we listened on Team Speak while our forward team played cat and mouse trying to catch and destroy the ship in hopes that he would dock up and bring the Abaddon back out to play.

Finally the enemy was caught and dispatched. The pod was chased to Amarr system itself and we hoped we would see something bigger for the gang to attack. Unfortunately, he undocked in a Minmatar Jaguar assault frigate and in a dogfight with our interceptor he came out on top.

We regrouped. I was sent in to act as bait and try to get him to engage again, but our opponent probably felt he had pushed his luck as far as it would go and chose not to engage. We called it a night after a while and I docked up, satisfied to have flown with the alliance once again.

Although both sides lost a tech II frig, the Manticore was rigged and the Malediction was not, making it a big win for us in terms of ISK lost on the night. That's an exchange we're willing to make.


  1. Checking the wife during regular intervals is a key aspect to most EVE gameplay.

  2. Kirith, maybe your wife will give you some "EVE Time Certificates" for Christmas so you can indulge in some nice four hour sessions with no fear of wife aggro :) I get a lot of non-aggroable EVE time in the evenings, as my husband goes to bed at 7 p.m. due to his work schedule. \o/