Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight Imperium Battle Report

Before I left for Vegas, I got a chance to sit down and play a good solid game of Twilight Imperium with my arch-Nemesis Andrew. See his brief report on the day here with a couple pictures.

Since it was over a week ago and the intervening time has not been kind to my neocortex, I'll spare you the blow by blow account of the game. We were developing a 2 player variant and changing /making up rules along the way, most notably when we up and decided to remove the wormhole Nexus as it was becoming the focal point of the entire board to the detriment of any other strategic location in light of our wormhole-centric board design.

In the end I held on for a slight victory (once we realized we needed an ending point and hadn't really defined one since removing the existing one from the normal game) due to getting an early start and maintaining my slight lead as the game progressed.

It was a good time and we plan a rematch on the Christmas break.

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