Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ya Gotta Spend Money...

... to make money.

Last night I went and bought the parts and materials to make 6 Cerberus Heavy Assault Cruisers and 30 Covert Ops Cloaking Devices. It was not cheap; the Ferrogel alone cost over 100 million ISK and all told the final bill amounted to around 320 million ISK.

However the profit alone from the Covert Ops cloaks is around 339 million. That's profit, not gross. And it includes invention costs. The profit from the ships is totalled at around 50 million. In other words, once the items are built and sold my wallet should be around 390 million ISK higher than when I started (~930 million ISK). Not bad for a few hours effort spread over a couple weeks, eh?

My goal is to continue to increase production efforts like this so that making a couple hundred million ISK every week is common place and Derranna's invention and manufacturing slots are always busy. If money is the root of all evil I want to be a very very bad person.


  1. I'm thinking the same thing as I'm working towards me first Battleship.

  2. Yeah! I am just starting getting into manufacturing and all myself. I am trying to put together as many low maintenance sources of income as I can. Buwahahahah!

  3. Anonymous4:39 pm

    With that income you can mantain your 2 account with GTCs! I'm startint to think that taking the industrial/inventor route for a while can be interesting. . .

  4. @anonymous:

    Kirith is making good money for sure, but you may have missed the title of his post. It definitely takes money to make money.

    Usually you need to generate much more income than the numbers posted here to be flexible enough to buy a GTC/PLEX and have enough money to continue investments. Not to mention, have any money on the side for actual recreational use :P

  5. Hey hey, nce to have ya back buddy!

    I am so close to finally begin my operations. Invention skills ready, manufacturing skills ready, but standings? No lol.

    Hopefully this can all get started soon!!! I envy you atm ;)