Monday, November 17, 2008

What up?

I'm back from a week in Las Vegas for a conference. I suffered severe Eve withdrawal especially since the Quantum Rise expansion was released while I was away. Torture of the rawest form I tell ya.

So an update to put things back into perspective.

Skill Training: Kirith is less than 4 days from Tactical Shield Manipulation V and Derranna still around 8.5 days for Mining Barge V.

Politics: Alliance is still at war with Hunters Imperiale and Legi0n corporations and from what I heard last night was doing well. I logged in last night for an hour and a half and helped station camp an enemy carrier, but had to log before any action occurred. I don't know if the hostiles attempted the breakout or not, website is down right now.

Industry: Started up some cloaking device invention and I plan to build some Cerberuses (Cerberii?) this week once I know how many Covert Ops Cloaking Device BPCs I got.

Wallet: Currently sitting over 546 million, still saving up for the Orca for Derranna and maybe an Eagle for Kirith for interceptor sniping.

Certificates: Kirith earned about 80 of them while Derranna was more modest with 18 despite her similar number of skill points. That reflects Kirith diverse combat skills which got more attention than Derranna's industrial and research skills. I'll have more thoughts on the Certificates later on this week I think.

Ok, that's it. Back on track.

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