Friday, November 21, 2008

"Skill Training Complete"

I finally finished Tactical Shield Manipulation V this morning and will be able to fit my Capital Shield Booster tonight.

Overall this means I'm in the short strokes of my Carrier training, another two months for full capabilities, and less than 3 weeks to operational capability.

* * * *
In other carrier news, last night I made the second jump of my journey but my time online got called short due to a visit to the blood donor clinic that lasted over 2 hours (110 minutes of waiting, 10 minutes to give my pint of blood... AB+ second rarest type and also known as the universal receiver... all your blood are belong to us).

However, when I logged in quickly to get Derranna back on track to Task Murkon, who should I see in local in this far off jump point but Lemage, CEO of FINEG! Either it was coincidence or he was checking up on me for an easy POS takedown again or even a carrier kill.

Definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for those guys online next time.


  1. Be careful.... a lone carrier can be an easy kill.

    Especially as you are still skilling up, and there is no hope of immediate backup on your side.

  2. If you have a carrier can you dock at a station, or do you have to log off at a safespot? What happens if you leave the ship to pilot another ship?

    My EVE education hasn't included carriers yet as they are years away for me! I am still fine tuning my overview..

  3. Carrier and Dreadnought can still dock at stations normally, only Mothership and Titans are prevented from doing so.

    With motherships and titans, you have to log off at a safe spot, or you can store the ship in a capital ship maintenance array at a POS. Of course, anyone with access could take it from there, and the POS can become a major target if the enemy finds out what's there.

  4. Anonymous1:38 am

    yes all your blood are belong to us
    i feel like a vampire
    *evil grin*