Monday, November 24, 2008

On The Prowl

Friday night the mother in law was up so I was free to load up Eve and fly for a while.

As the client loaded I got a quick flash from a corp mate that FINEG was snooping around Sukanan again. Hmmmmm. Here I am sitting in my Carrier in a hostile system (hostile until proven otherwise in Eve) with our alliance at war and my buddies from FINEG spotted around on a weekend night when most pilots are out for blood.

Yeah, let me take the keys out of the ignition and unbuckle the seatbelt. This baby ain't going nowhere tonight.

With that decision to discretion made, I jump cloned back to base and found out an alliance op was underway in Citadel space. I jumped into my Falcon and headed out to join them. The Falcon, like all of the Recons, is a good all round ship to have in a gang; can scout, ECM to shut down enemy ships, and a scan probe launcher for hunting duty.

The fleet was 15 jumps out so I boogied as fast as I could. Just as I was a few jumps out I hear we got a war target's Drake. And when I say "got" I mean we acutally got it; the war target opted to eject from the ship and run away in his pod rather than go down with the Drake battlecruiser. We found this very odd as it means he wouldn't get insurance for the vessel and we get the 32 million ISK ship. Oh well, his loss.

By the time I had joined up with the fleet we had three more war targets penned in a system. Since I had a scan probe launcher I was directed into the system to see if I could pick up on any of them but I never found them. We played cat and mouse with them for another hour, trying to catch some unawares later on in another system, but the gig was up and they were skittish. Made sense, we outnumbered them considerably at this time.

So we made it back to base without any more kills or any losses and we chalked it up as a moderate success.

* * * * *

I had planned to get back online Sunday night for some more action, but the Twins came down with the cold I had from Chicago airport and are having a rough go of it since they don't know how to hork and spit or blow their noses yet. Sleepless nights abound and not a lot of free time.

C'est la vie.

* * * * *

I found out today that Tony of Eve's Weekend Warrior put an ad for my blog into his rotation:

I really like it, thanks man!

* * * * *

Industry update: the Covert Ops Cloaks are two-thirds done and then last batch of ten will be ready for market tomorrow, while the 6 Cerbs will be ready tomorrow night. Although one of the Cerberuses might fall of the back of the hauler into Kirith's hanger if you know what I mean.

I got 20 Invulnerability Field BPCs and 20 Large Shield Extender BPCs from the labs and started invention on them. The Invuls generated 10 tech II bpcs (right on odds) and I need to pick up more datacores before running the extenders. Probably build them later this week.

* * * * *

Skills update: Kirith is done with Capital Shield Booster skill for now having it up to level III and is working on Shield Emission Systems V to open up the Capital Shield Emissions skill for the Capital Shield Transporter. That's a very important module since a Large Shield Transporter II repairs 85 shield points per sec while the capital version repairs 300 points per second. Should be done that skill next Sunday.

Derranna is finishing up Mining Barge V this week and will be working on Mining Foreman skill to get it to level V thereafter. Once that is done, only one level of Mining Director stands between her and the Orca.


  1. Heya,
    I've not been to your site for quite a while. I was surprised to see the shift to eve from minis. I've been curious about this game for quite some time. I've played a few hours free from trials and really dig what its all about. The drawbacks for me are the money and the time. I wish I could spare more of each.


  2. Wow can wait for you to debut the Orca!

    Just wondering, the copies from successful invention runs are 10 run copies from max run tech 1 copies right?

    Thanks, have fun!

  3. Tony: for modules max run t1 bpcs you get 10 run t2 bpc.

    For ships its different. max run bpcs gets you 1 run bpcs and anything less nets you 0 runs. Then add decrpytor bonus, and if the result is still 0 round up to 1.

    So a decryptor that adds +3 runs will result in a 4 run t2 bpc if you used a max run t1 bpc, otherwise 3 runs. Got it?

  4. Sweet sweet. Needed the confirmation so I can make sure I'm doing my spreadsheets right!

    Talk to you later.