Thursday, November 20, 2008


So last night I got Derranna's second cyno ship ready (a Vigil) and tore off for the jump point once again. Uneventful trip through high sec and then a few jumps through low sec. As I was looking at the map I saw a system called Rancer on my route. "That sounds familiar" I thought and I ran a search. Oh yeah. Still, its a Wednesday evening and I'm in a fast frigate, what's the worst that could happen?

I jumped into Rancer and saw local was only a few pilots. I warped to the outgoing gate and saw a red flashing Hyperion battleship. "Heh, I thought, I'll be jumped and gone before he can ever lock me.... why am I taking damage? OH CRAP! SMARTBOMBS!"

*BOOM* *SQUISH* ... "Welcome to the cloning facility on Gulfonodi XIII."

Well crap. The smartbombs did in my ship and pod in short order before I could even activate the gate. The ship loss was minimal, the cyno generator a minor expense, the +3 implant set very annoying to lose, and the cost of a new clone stung. Not a serious loss but definitely high on the annoyance list. Especially since I was now stuck deep in Minmatar space far from any assets and no money.

So I sent some ISK to her, sent her off through high sec to the other cyno ship I accidently left in Caldari space, and then back towards the jump system this time avoiding systems known for pirate activity. Yay for high sec autopilot. I got through low sec without issue this time and found my target system not only quiet but abandoned. I was going to wait until near downtime but I figured this was opportunity knocking so I logged Kirith in and packed up the carrier.

I got Derranna in position, checked local was still empty and lit the cyno. Kirith undocked, waited out the timer, and jumped. The Ninveah's first jump under my command. *sniff* Brings a tear to the eye.

As local was still empty, I took some pictures. As usual, click to see full size (high res!):

And as a bonus, here are a couple other pictures from earlier operations.

Here's me in my Falcon with fleetmates in a Rokh and Megathron battleships waiting at a gate for an enemy:

And here is my PvP Rokh at the alliance station camp looking for that hostile carrier:


  1. Pretty ship is pretty.

  2. Anonymous9:19 am

    Sweet pictures of the carrier indeed. Glad it went well for you :) and yes smart bombs do suck when you get caught

  3. Anonymous12:52 pm

    lol rancer

    One of the only places you will find smart bombing battleships 23/7

  4. Beautiful screenshots. Your carrier/cyno setup looks sweet!

  5. Congrats on the first jump....

    I remember mine, and boy was it a kicker...

    Wait to you take part in a cap fleet jump..... that is a buzz the first time.