Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Patch Coming Next Week

The second major Eve content patch of 2008 (totally free BTW) is coming down on Nov 11th. The features list is decent and I thought I would give my quick assessment of each one.

Stackless IO & Eve64 - Performance enhancements already deployed, reports are the improvements are great for large battles. I approve.

Alchemy - Meh. Remains to be seen if it has an impact on moon material prices.

Orca and Industrial changes - Orca good, but transport changes I'm still lukewarm on. Remains to be seen.

UI Changes:
- Movable HUD - YES, about time!
- Weapon Linking - Hell yeah, love it!
- Module Activation timers - How did we survive without you!? Such a small change but huge impact.

Speed Rebalanced - AKA Nano nerf. I've come out on the side of supporting this one before, and I welcome our slower overloards.

Cheaper Bombs - Sure, why not? Get more use out of stealth bombers.

Certificates - I can feel my OCD ramping up already.

Medals - Nice touch, I approve.

New in game music tracks - *Yawn*

New Stargates - Ooooohhhhh, shiny!

Autopilot Advoidance System - Useful addition.

Assembly Array Upgrades - Interesting, but not too relevant to me.

Enhanced ETC Secure trading - Very interesting, have to watch how this evolves further.

* * * *
All in all I'm looking forward to this patch, lots of little things to fool around with and increase the depth of the experience.


  1. Not sure how I may move around my HUD... if at all.

  2. Anonymous9:19 am

    Bombs = the SUXOR. we just did some extrnsive testing with bombs and flat out they Suck. Damage to a buzzard not moving within the blast radius was 120 damage ( due to signature radius ) damage to a cruiser was higher but the bombs are tuned to be 400 sig radius...so BS would take full brunt but that was equal to 7000 Damage at 50% resists which is 3500...impressive perhaps till you realize most BS have resists in the 60-70... oh yes and bombs go the full 15 seconds ( even through objects) till they then explode, so good luck targeting a moving ship...bombs suck no matter the cost

  3. Manasi: regarding bombs, with the missile damage formula changing from being based on speed to being based on sig radius in the speed rebalancing, we may see an improvement to bombs as an upshot.

  4. Anonymous1:22 pm

    1 bomb does nothing, you can't expect it to be a titan doomsday. You need multiple bombs to go off and a bubble to prevent warp =)

  5. On the plus side, you'll be able to play as a Death Knight.... oh..... wait..... wrong game.

  6. @Andrew: LOL you jackass! You are SO going down in Twilight Imperium on Saturday!

  7. Pffffft. Assuming I read the rules, I'll mop the table with you like I always did in the Dark Eldar-Eldar grudge matches.

    (Mmmm..... rose-colored glasses when looking at the past!)