Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Skills Update

Kirith finally finished Jump Drive Calibration IV today, meaning his carrier jumping ability is as good as its going to get for now in terms of range. Another 63 days for level V is not something I'm willing to do at the moment.

Another day for Jump Fuel Conservation III, and then I'm putting on the 15 day skill Tactical Shield Manipulation V to open up the Capital Shield Booster skill. Once that is out of the way, its all downhill to full operation and I can finally think about transporting the Ninveah closer to home and start using it in operations.

As a side note, if I splurge 57.5 million ISK I can get and train the Black Ops Battleship skill and sit in the Widow in an hour in eighteen minutes. Tempting, but I don't have the 350 million extra ISK to build it yet, and I'm still 12 days from using the Covert Jump Portal Generator. Maybe next February's project.

Derranna completed her update of the Learning skills and now has all teir one skills at V (except Charisma) and all teir two skills at IV. She's started into her Mining Foreman skill plan which should last for the next three months.

Mining Barge IV & V = 21 days
Mining Foreman I - V = 11.5 days
Mining Director I - V = 29 days
Leadership II - V = 6 days
Cybernetics V = 11 days
Astrogeology V = 11 days

Astrogeology is the gating skill for Exhumers and Deep Core Mining, that's why its on there, and Cybernetics is for the Mining Foreman Mindlink implant. The rest are for getting into an Orca and using the Mining Foreman Links on the ship.

Could a mining career be awaiting me should PvP lose its flavour? Not likely, but large alliances sometimes have a need for a good mining op and a fully equipped and expertly flown Orca would be a good asset to present at such operations.

I'm all about the team.

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