Monday, October 20, 2008

Targets of Opprotunity

The boys went down without fuss last night, the wife was tucked into her Lazy-Boy chair to watch one of her shows, and I skipped upstairs with a spring in my step to log into Eve for a good stretch.

As comms came online and the station in Tash Murkon swam into view, I got myself oriented. I was in my revamped Falcon, prepped for solo-hunting work with tech II heavy neutron blasters, HAM II launcher, and some tackle gear and damage mods. Not uber at jamming like a fleet Falcon setup but capable for taking on a lone war target that gets careless. I just wanted something for solo roams through empire looking for targets of opprotunity if no alliance ops were going on.

However, as I get ready to dock I get the news that Cap'n Sandi is in our low sec constellation! How can I resist the chance to go exchange witty barbs with him again? As I get to base I looked at my selection of ships to use, trying to figure out if he is still in his Rifter or something bigger. A few alliance mates ask if we want to form up a gang to try and get him and I say sure, the more the merrier. I am designated target and I jump into my Drake and fly to the system Captain is in to try and bait him.

I pretend not to notice him in local and fly to the belts to rat. Hey, those rats are dying quickly. What the hell? I has Caldari Navy missiles and no regular missiles in my hold. I hope the Captain attacks soon, this ratting is costing my money!

I get word he is flying a Rapier recon, annoying due to the awesome ability to web from a distance and warp while cloaked. I go through the belts, carefully watching for his signature in my overview, when we get word he has attacked a neutral Carcal in system that was chilling in a safe spot. That can only mean he's probing. Hoping that he might be less likely to avoid me as a trap if I go into a cosmic anomaly I bring up the on board scanner and find one first try, warping to it and taking out the rogue drones there.

Meanwhile the CEO of the killed Caracal pilot mentions that the FINEG corp description says they are anti-pirate and he is going to contact their CEO and ask for a reimbursement. I chuckled heartily as I remembered this thread from their forums.

Back to the hunt, the Cap'n doesn't appear on my overview but instead takes off into an adjacent system. We form up on the gate since its one way out of the dead end pocket and try and get him to engage something that can tackle. The Cap'n decides to sneak out and jumps into our camp but manages to cloak before we can lock him. While this is occuring, a known pirate in a Vengeance assault frigate passes by us into the cul de sac as well. Interesting, but unrelated to FINEG as far as anyone knows.

As we try and find the cloaked Rapier, the other pirate jumps back into us. Dude, what made you think that was a good idea? We lock and pound him to dust in short order, making me very happy that I actually got in on a kill mail for once.

We continued to try and catch Cap'n Sandi but he proved to be to sneaky enough to avoid us and the fleet dispersed into the night as people had to log, myself included.

I got in on a kill, although not the one I wanted, and had a good time working with alliance mates and other blues. All in all a successful night.

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