Monday, October 20, 2008

Financial Growth

My wallet has grown to over 350 million as the last of the four Onyx cruisers sold, and 50 of the 100 Invulnerability fields have moved as well. With another 90 million in those mods still to go and 40 X-Large Shield Booster IIs coming out of the factory tonight (retailing for another 80 million ISK or thereabouts) I should be over half a billion very soon.

I got another 20 BPCs for invention of Invulnerability to try, and I have more tech II ships I should build. In about a month is not out of the realm of possibility to have built back up to a billion ISK again. Of course, this can only lead to another shopping spree, either for a good PvP Rokh or maybe get that Widow I've been eyeing up.

Time will tell.


  1. Good luck on reaching the billion mark.

  2. Yep, once you have a handle on eve's industrial side - the isk making is good but the expenses to expand your capabilities are just as large.

  3. When I first began my "indiscretions" in hi-sec I had no idea if my "career" choice would actually be lucrative.

    I managed to accumulate 390 million ISK in approximately 3 months as a result of my follies!
    Definitely not the fastest way to earn ISK, but it was profit none the less. Impressive figures for a pod-pilot with less than 3 million skill points engaging in PVP activity without friends or corp-mates.

    I digress, may your future financial endeavors prove successful and lucrative!

  4. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Teach me.

  5. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Yes, dayum, teach us hehe.
    I am in the process of training those skills and earning some capital!
    Soon, I will be as great as you, soon...

  6. LOL, I'm really not hiding any pertinent details here in my blog. Everything I've done to turn 100 million into 400+ mil has been chronicled here. :)