Tuesday, October 07, 2008


There is a faint hope I might be able to log in for an hour tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, Kirith is busy earning skill points towards Jump Drive Operation V which is necessary for the Jump Drive Calibration skill to increase jump range of the Chimera. About 15 days left so just sitting back and trying not to think about it; that's the best way to deal with long skills.

As a side note, Jump Drive Calibration opens the way to Black Ops skill, and I have all other prerequisites for the Caldari Widow. I admit some ambivalent feelings towards that Tech II battleship; on one hand it has equivalent jamming strength at Black Ops IV compared to a Scorpion battleship plus the added benefit of more DPS, better resistance, some cloaking ability, short jumping ability and some jump bridging ability; but on the other hand its very expensive and has some pre-nerfed issues making it a ship of questionable utility.

I think I want it as a "look what I have!" ship in my collection rather than one I must have for PvP.

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  1. Anonymous3:07 am

    It's always interesting to see how people handle/deal with long skill training times. There are those that set them and then log off and come back near the end. Of a similar vein are the ones that just idle while training a long skill. Others utilize an already trained set of skills for other endeavors. I even know some people try to break it down into shorter chunks, like 2 days at a time. I like skill training and how different people approach it.