Monday, October 06, 2008

Blog Updates

As the Eve Blogging Community explodes and develops, there is a push for the "elites" of the Eve Blog Pack to further integrate and support each other by using social networking tools as well as blog rolls, comments, links, etc. Tools like Technorati, Twitter, Digg, etc.

Overcoming my fear of the unknown, I signed up to Technorati and added that link to my sidebar along side the newly-higher-placed site meter. I plan to investigate the other items as this week drags on, looking at Digg next.

Furthermore, I added a "Current Blogroll" section which shows the snippets of the latest 5 posts from people on my blogroll, and then I moved the large full blogroll down below the post labels and above the archives. Hmmmm, I might see what can do about getting that label section more compact.


  1. "Overcoming my fear of the unknown, I signed up..."

    Simply hilarious! Welcome to the Web2.0 era of Virtual Communities. Don't worry, we warn you before we bight! :p


  2. *bite!

    (I'm getting ahead of myself here!)

  3. If you use Google Reader, there's a widget you can plug-in that automatically displays any posts that you mark as "shared". I find that's an awesome way to highly the best of recent blog articles without having to write a mini-article for each one.

    you can see what it looks like on my site - look for the "Featured Reading" section.

  4. Anonymous2:55 pm

    hurray! and welcome aboard! ( i've only done a lil bit but every bit helps)

  5. Anonymous2:56 pm

    the whole web 2.0 thing is what I meant :)