Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The stars aligned last night and the boys went down without a fuss. I was able to sit back, relax, and log in.

I quickly determined that we had a fleet in action and playing cat and mouse with war targets (of which we have a lot because along with our war on Idle Empire, the Privateers alliance war decced us. Fun times) and once I determined the location and the ship they desired me in ("something fast") I jumped into a Raptor Interceptor and flew to rendezvous with the fleet. It was only 5 jumps and the Raptor is bloody fast (13.5 AU/sec baby!) for travelling.

I arrived just after the fleet killed a Pilgrim that got careless. The rest of the war targets faded into the black and the fleet was feeling pleased with itself for no losses. I was eager for blood... but the rest of the fleet was sated. The order was given to head back to base en masse to avoid any ambushes.

Gah. Late to a kill again. Third time since joining m3. Well at least I got out there and people saw me X up for the effort even if I was too late. Back in home territory I jumped in Mynxee's Bane and patrolled the constellation for a bit looking for any reds or hostiles. None presented themselves and I pondered jump cloning out to Providence for the rest of the evening.

Then an alliance mate spoke up asking if anyone had Astrometrics V. Well I don't but my alt does, I responded. He wanted someone to try and scout out enemy deep space safes so I decided to log in as Derranna and take a stab at it. I didn't have a Cheetah on hand so I used a Tech I Probe frigate, slapped a Recon Probe Launcher on it, and bought a bunch of probes including the Observator Deep Space probe which has 1000 AU range. That's right, One Thousand AUs. That pretty much covers the entire solar system ten times over. Strength is crappy but at 50 second scan time it is easy to run 10 scans in ten minutes to look for any deep space safe spots currently occupied.

The enemy was probably long gone and all I got were a lot of ships warping between stargates. But it felt cool and I really have to get some ISK to put together a decent Cheetah for this task in the future. Maybe get that one I have cooling its heels in Providence back out.

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