Monday, October 20, 2008

Training Plan Picked

Always confused about what to do with Derranna next, I finally settled on a plan to run with once she completes scanning skills tomorrow.

First she is going to upgrade some Learning skills that have been languishing.
1. Empathy V
2. Spatial Awareness V
3. Presence I
4. Presence II
5. Presence III
6. Presence IV
7. Focus IV

Then, in order to be able to build tech II transport ships and the like, as well as Fighters and someday capital ships, I'm going to train up Capital Ship Construction and Industrial Construction to level IV.

That will take about 26 days and keep me from wondering what next for my trusty sidekick.


  1. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Kick butt bro glad your rounding out your learning skills :) I have an alt that I use (when not in training for Amarr or Gallente hulls) and she is all 5 across the board, in both learning and adv learning. :) Great choice IMO

  2. Anonymous11:44 pm

    [Groan] I've got most of them to 4 with the exception of Empathy.

    What Daddy needs is good implants.