Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eve Blogging Community Forum/Website?

As the Eve Blogging community grows with packs, twitter feeds, profiles, channels, etc Crazy Kinux's website has been the rallying point for the growth and he has been instrumental in several co-operative posting efforts underway such as the aforementioned profiles. He has used emails to coordinate these efforts but the thought occurs to this old forum whore that perhaps an official cooperatively administered website with forums for Eve bloggers and commenters would be easier to use and reach more people.

What do you think? Or is another set of forums really all that beneficial?

Thoughts, opinions?


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  2. I'm thinking it would be a good idea, if it could be managed somehow.

    Plus it would some of the rest of us to take some pressure off poor CK.

    I'd be keen to assist if you can get this idea off the ground....

  3. I central site would be great. Organization would be key.

  4. Well, what I envisioned was a resource for the bloggers to discuss post, sites, tools, etc as well as perhaps restricted forums for groups that plan coordinated efforts like the thing with the profiles, and other projects.

    It would be an easy way for new bloggers to get word out about their efforts too.

    I don't have a server to host on, but I'm willing to invest in a domain and webspace on a service that I trust and use for my old corp forums/website. If there is interest in the community which I think their might be, but I'd like to hear from a few more fellow bloggers. :)

  5. As a side note, I have lots of forum experience as I administered a local Warhammer club site for over 5 years that had well over 50 members, sometimes approaching 100 with lots of strong personalities.

  6. Well no doubt you will get a few "strong personalities" from a bunch of bloggers.

    My offer of help still stands...

  7. An Eve Bloggers forum is a great idea, Kirith, something I'm sure would prove very useful. If you proceed with it, it'd be great if you could include a Paypal Donation button. Then those of us so inclined could help defray the actual costs involved.

  8. Anonymous7:47 am

    You know, back when I started my blog, I had setup and with a isk for blogging space business. 10 mil isk a month for a wordpress blog on that site. With all the free blogging sites on the net, it never took off.

    I let the registration lapse on the domain, it's owned by someone else now.

    I do still own Let me get some work done, some space on my server setup and we will see if we can get this ball rolling.

  9. Anonymous7:51 am

    I'm willing to lend a hand as well, although one word of warning...too many different places for information is a recipe for trouble...just a set of forums..? Not sure how useful that would be, a website to consolidate info perhaps that would be an excellent idea.

  10. Anonymous8:31 am

    Well, we are on our way. While being stuck on conference calls this morning, I got the domain I still own,, setup with a phpb forums. Black Claw and I are setup as admins, feel free to stop by and register. Do note, we are still getting things setup, as of this comment, there is only one forum. Please do send us your input so that we can make this work for everyone.

  11. Awesome Ga'len....

    Great to see the community running with the idea (will go sign up right now (sick of completing all these damn timesheets anyway...)