Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drake of Power

I was feeling well rested last night so I sent the wife off to bed and logged into Eve for a little late night gaming. The corp chat channel was me and two others (one of which was doing homework), and the alliance seemed asleep. The Sukanan constellation was quiet with no war targets or questionable characters around, not even Cap'n Sandi. I was on my own tonight.

Having a faction standing of -5.0 to Amarr there is not a lot of agents I can use in Tash Murkon region, but there is a nice Gallente Chemal Tech station nearby with level 1, 3, and 4 agents and I have the standings to access the level 3, so I mosied over there and jumped into my PvE Drake.

Note that its not uber-optimized for missions, its just something I threw together months back for level 3s and never revamped. It wasn't necessary since this thing has no issues with level 3s ever.

The first mission I was assigned was a simple retrieve the package from some rogue drones. What was interesting was the large energy bubble I had to destroy first to attack the Lesser Drone Hive. I didn't look up the mission first and had to look around and see if there was a generator to attack first, and when I didn't find one I tried attacking the field itself. Of course, this aggroed everyone in the area but my shields never dropped below 75%.

Once the package was delivered I decided to run another and got assigned a mission to go in and destroy a Serpentis outpost. Heh, I love killing Serpentis rats. This mission was even easier than the drones and the single Battlecruiser NPC amoungst the frigates and handful of cruisers was the biggest challenge... it took three salvoes of my Heavy Launcher IIs.

Man, I need access to those level fours.

Anyways, as I was finishing the second mission I was getting ready to log out and head to bed when who should show up in local? Cap'n Sandi! He was probably still in the area from Sunday night prowling in his Rapier. I sent the warning up on the local intel channels and logged, sad I didn't have more time and a better ship in system to tangle with him. While I wasn't worried about losing a Drake to a Rapier, I doubted he would engage the battlecruiser in a Force Recon alone.

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