Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get Yer Shield Mods Here!

Last night Twin B was difficult to put down so I found myself in the study with Twin A sleeping in my arms while the wife tried to settle the Unhappy one down.

So I started up Eve! Now I can't play serious stuff with a sleeping 6 month old in my arms, but I can check the market and industry stuff that makes all my money.

The 40 XL Shield Booster IIs sold but not for as much ISK as I hoped. Essentially the profit was nest to nothing and at best all I did was convert the datacores into ISK in the process. This is a perfect example of a market saturated with suppliers and not as much demand since the module is only used on shield tanking battleships.

I bought the parts to make 30 Large Shield Extender IIs which I hope will sell for better margins; since they are used on shield tanking cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships I expect the demand will be higher. Next I will but the parts to build 40 Shield Recharger IIs and then I will be done my backlog of Tech II module BPCs.

As a side note for those interested, in order to cut down on material cost for building these things, I own BPOs for ship components and R.DBs that are required in the builds. I buy the raw moon materials and minerals and build them for cheaper than the completed parts sell on the market. Not a big savings for one or two items, but 40 or 50 items the savings start to add up.

Wallet is over 400 million after spending 70 million for the Capital and Industrial construction skillbooks Derranna needed.


  1. Playing EvE with a baby in arms. That's a beautiful picture man.

  2. Anonymous9:36 am

    I also put LSE II's on my broadsword and the Onyx :)...bigger opportunities to be sure!

  3. Anonymous9:38 am

    Ah an update on your status, with hints for beginners :)

  4. I also often find myself gaming while holding my 6-month old! (Or bouncing him in an Ergo baby carrier...) I bet twins are really a handful!

    It seems like industrialism in EVE might be a workable way to enjoy some game time without worrying about having to stop abruptly or disappointing group mates when you get distracted in the middle of a fight while you are multitasking with childcare.

    I have a question for an experienced EVE person. Does it make a huge difference what race/background you choose when starting in EVE in the long term? If I chose an Intaki so I could train more industrial stuff early on, could I still learn some combat skills with that character later down the road? If the difference is 15-20% slower on combat skills that wouldn't really bother me, but 100% slower would be more of a problem... My sense is that implants can balance things out, but as I haven't actually played EVE yet I don't really know!

    If you have any insight, let me know! I am planning to start the trial in EVE in November.

  5. Jaggins:

    Let me answer each point in turn :)

    1) Yes, manufacturing / invention are great for someone who can get on in 15 minute spurts or who has a baby on the lap. And yeah, twins are a handful but we are surviving. They are our first kids so we don't know any different, and they are great. They've been sleeping through the night for the past four months and once that started it was easy.

    2) I've never done the math on the attribute of the starting characters and bloodlines. You might get farther in industrial skills with an Achura or Intaki compared to Minmatar, but the difference is not game breaking IMHO (10-20% slower is a wild guess but I think its closer to the lower number) and I've been more than happy with my Minmatar industrialist. I choose style over min-maxing any day of the week.

    If you have more questions, please feel free to email me directly :)

  6. Thanks for the info, Kirith!
    Our guy also sleeps well, although he is cutting 3 teeth at once right now, and has felt a bit crummy for a few days. He is also our first try at parenting. What an awesome time!

    I am definitely not a min-maxer, and am glad to hear that I can relax about those starting details. (Some emphatic forum posts had me a bit worried that I would "mess everything up!")

    EVE is so intensely complicated, that I have been learning about the game for months and I still am clueless!