Monday, October 06, 2008


It had been a long week, but SWMBO and I were staying home and I felt confident I would get online for at least an hour Saturday and Sunday evenings. Get in on some war action maybe, or just gank some pirates in our constellation. You know, fun stuff.

Well that didn't happen.

Twin B had some teething issues which led to sleeping issues and both nights I spent the better part of the later evening trying to put a cranky boy to bed. Its especially hard because we know he is dead tired and would maybe cry himself to sleep in a few minutes, but since the twins share a room he would wake his brother who would cry, creating a unique kind of failure cascade that end with my head in the oven. Don't ask.

Anywho, I barely had enough time to log in to complete the ship component manufacturing jobs for the 4 Onyxes and then but the Onyx BPC in the factory. I'm hoping to get some decent time this week but with Canadian Thanksgiving looming on the next weekend (which means having to travel for most of the weekend) I'm getting a sinking feeling that me and Eve are not going to get much quality time for the foreseeable future. :(


  1. Anonymous9:12 am

    Hope the twins recover as do you. Being a twin myself I feel your pain :)

  2. EVE will be there when you can get back to it. I always had good luck quieting cranky little ones by massaging their feet gently and rhythmically. Might work for yours, some don't care for it though.

  3. Ah teething and crankyness. We used ice chips to help our little one when the teething got bad. Put a couple in his mouth at a time and he would calm down enough to goto sleep. The ice cut the sensitivity and pain feeling I guess. Good luck to ya man.