Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skills Update

I don't think I've had a good skills update post in a while! Let's fix that shall we?

Kirith has been working on a lot of skill areas at once. I finally finished Shield Upgrades V to complete my Summer Break list of skills with the exception of the Compensation IV skills. I also got Large Blaster Specialization up to III and not IV yet. Some other time I'll finish that up.

I'm still staring at Advanced Weapon Upgrades V and both wanting to train it and wanting to avoid it. Perhaps I'll put it on over December. Sigh.

I got the Fighters skill and trained it up a couple levels, and I've been working on Caldari Carrier skill up to III so that I can throw out 8 semi-decent Fighters now. Level IV for the carrier skill is 11 days (and another 63 days (!) for level V, holy cow!). I'm also working on the Jump skills right now so I can jump the carrier farther and more fuel efficently. Plus they lead up to Black Ops Battleships.

Later on this fall/winter I'll get the Capital Shield Booster and Capital Shield and Energy Transfer modules. Along with Advanced Drone Interfacing my carrier will be considered combat ready. Hopefully I'll have a corp to use it in.

* * * * *

Derranna is currently working on probing skills (although she does have the Archeology skillbook and prerequisites that I have to pop in someday when I remember). She's working on Astrometrics V right now to give her access to the last of the probes I want, the Ferret and Observator Deep Space probe.

Then she will hone her skills with Astrometric Pinpointing and Astrometeric Triangulation I - IV and finally Signal Acquisition IV.

After that? As usual, I'm not sure with Derranna. We'll wait and see what I feel like 22 days from now.

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