Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deafening Silence

On the weekend I submitted an application to join m3 Corp through their website, filling out basic questions about who I am, etc. The next day I put in an application in game. Later on I sent an evemail to a director I had flown with before asking politely if my web application was received OK.

Nothing. No response at all. It has me considering the possibility that m3 is reluctant to allow me back and if they reject my application I don't know what I will do.

The time I spent in m3 last winter was some of the best in Eve and I left only because the promise of being a director in a new corp with real-life friends was dangled before me. In hindsight I wish I had not gone to Strife 2.0 as all that is left of it is bitter-sweet memories and a shared channel. Had I not had the twins arriving in late April I would have applied to m3 right after Strife collapsed but I knew my online time would be compromised for the summer. Now that there is hope of semi-regular sessions back in Eve, I was looking forward to being part of a solid active corporation again; I was looking forward to seeing people in corp chat once more.

Still, no news is good news, right? As long as they haven't came out and told me to get lost I still have hope. Maybe the recruiter is reviewing my blog entries to see what I've been up to for the past eight months. If so, I must say that she/he is especially good looking and intelligent and they might just find some ISK dropped in their wallet someday soon *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

* * * * *
In other news, I packed up all my belongings in Gulfonodi and set them up in the moving truck. I picked Dodixie in Sinq Laison region as my new high sec base of operations for Kirith because its a decent market hub and the region is very central to all other high sec regions with links to Caldari, Amarr, and Minmatar space.

Update: got a reply today, gonna setup a chat/interview. First hurdle passed: no outright rejection! Yay me! :P


  1. Anonymous8:33 am

    Hey bro gotta give em time, I found that out the hard way last time, try joining them in a public channel and see if they are more talkative there (our directors get tons of mail) join their pub channel ( if they have one and try there)

  2. Yeah, I know I'm impatient. Its just the not knowing, you know? Even a "yeah, hold your horses" response would be enough to make me relax. LOL

    I wouldn't be so nervous if it wasn't m3. And yeah, I'm in the public channel. :)

  3. Just be careful, As I recall Dodixie is suicide gank heaven. Don't know how much the new patch has put a hold on that.

  4. Only takes a moment to reply with a "Got your app; it's being reviewed." GL, Kirith. I'm not very patient with non-responses either.

    My personal shopper has a penchant for Dodixie so I'll wave at ya when I see ya

  5. Update: got a reply today, gonna setup a chat/interview.

  6. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Good luck with the interview, mate.

  7. Hey buddy,

    Know what you mean regarding moving homes. We, Taff, Kin and I were headhunted by Morsus a couple of days ago and now we're thinking we might join up. First time that has happened for me, but it got me to thinking about where I want my place to be in Eve again. I am entirely digging our projects but always good to look to the horizon. Anyhow, I'll let you know how things roll out, if you are not accepted I will likely be able to get you in here and they have tons of opportunity in an industrialist capacity (not in a 'hey bitch, make me that ship so I'm going to make you a director' kind of way).