Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last week when I moved all my stuff to Dodixie from Gulfonodi, it was a simple matter to package it all up in courier boxes and use Derranna and the Freighter Of Constant Motion to hoof it over there. Rigged ships that were cruisers or smaller easily fit in the packages as well as the non-reigged ships getting repackaged. All in all I had about 2 full courier parcels.

However, there was a number of items I had that could not be courier contracted to Derranna; illegal items like navy tags, drugs, weapons, and slaves.

Some items are not illegal everywhere in high sec. For example, Amarr Navy Tags are prefectly fine in Minmatar space. Another example is Slaves that are cause for serious retribution from the Republic while the Amarr Empire smiles and nods as they look the other way. Other items are pretty much illegal everywhere such as drugs and small arms.

Being illegal means there is a risk for travelling with them through high sec. NPC Custom Agents have a chance of scanning your cargo and if they find contraband they will fine you. I'm not sure how much but considering I had a Badger Mk II full of stuff, I was very nervous about getting caught. But I refused to leave it behind; I'm a packrat and I live everything with me.

There are rumours that high standings with the faction of the custom agents might grant you some ability to sneak by if they do scan you as they may look the other way, so travelling from Gulfonodi to Dodixie was not to bad as I have high standings with both Minmatar and Gallente factions. However, I was contemplating my lot in life on the weekend and decided that Dodixie as a high sec base was "one foot out the door" from m3 in Task Murkon and I should jump in with everything in one place so I'm not distracted off in Gallente space.

Since Derranna still had the Slowest-Ship-I've-Ever-Piloted in Dodixie and all my stuff was still in freight cans, it was a simple matter to kick her off last night down to Tash Murkon. This morning before downtime, I followed with the Badger-of-Illegal-Cargo, much more nervous since a lot of the trip was through Caldari and Amarr space where my lower faction standings with them might inspire the custom agents to take a closer look.

Fortunately, the trip was uneventful and my stuff is now consolidated in one place (with the exception of the Ninveah itself which is still being prepared for its December unvieling in Caldari space).


  1. So here's a random: what do those "slaves", "small arms" and other illegal whatnot actually do? Are they useful in some way?

    For some reason the answer to these questions have eluded me...

  2. You sometimes get them from missions as left over objectives. I.e the mission objective is to bring back 10 slaves but you pick up 20 in the mission, etc.

    They don't do anything except act as trade goods on the market. I simply like collecting all the weird junk I find and pretending its my entourage.

    To wit, I have 84 Exotic Dancers. And 40 Marines so don't think about trying to steal any!

    I'll grab a picture of my Misc Stuff some day.