Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Much For That Carrier In The Window?

As I wait for a test to complete at work, I find myself with a minute or two on my hands and the question raised in my head by Mynxee's comment to the last post. How much investment in terms of ISK has the carrier been?

Well, there was the 378 million yesterday. Other skill books:

Fighters = 45 million
Jump Drive Operation = 10 million
Jump Fuel Conservation = 20 million
Jump Drive Calibration = 30 million
Advanced Spaceship Command = 50 million
Capital Ships = 400 million
Caldari Carrier = 500 million

The carrier itself along with some fuel and BPCs for modules was about 900 million if I recall correctly, and building those modules required about 40 million in minerals.

So rough estimate? About 2.333 billion ISK. And that is non-faction fitted. Yeah she is an expensive beast.


  1. *Mynxee furiously pushes buttons on her Fun Calculator, and says "DUDE! Holy Crap! That's like....NEGATIVE a-whole-bunch-of-numbers fun."

  2. Anonymous3:06 pm

    THIS is why i dont wana go carrier. Even with Victor I'd still be skint forever. No, i think its command ships and crystal sets for me....



  3. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Wow, and people fly these in combat?!

  4. Yes, yes we do.....

    Carriers are a lot of fun in PvP, the ability to project some significant firepower (directly or by delegating fighters) while also providing logistics support makes them a lot of fun to fly.

    In reality though the main benefit (to 0.0 pilots at least) is the ease they bring to logistics such as moving fuel, ships, ammo, etc...

    Plus, being T1, you can insure them....

  5. After you get the skills the carriers are significantly less to outfit and purchase. Still, they are expensive, no doubt.

  6. Anonymous3:35 am

    Yeah, having skilled for a carrier myself recently, it's verybloodyexpensive. However, it's also the time sink to get all the skills but once you have them- woot :)

    As you say, directing so much drone/ fighter DPS while remote repping is cool :)

  7. just to add another comment on this but... OMFG OMBEVE reads kiriths blog!